I have always been a person that thinks a lot! In the middle of these thoughts there was always a question coming to me: why do I do what I do? That question gave life to “Stranger Thoughts About Life Series”, I mean, every thought that we have makes us move to somewhere and act somehow but a part of theses thoughts are a little bit weird and can takes us to limbs of pain.
Stranger Thoughts About Life is a visual representation about what comes to my mind everyday, about every limbo that sometimes I fall, about every moment that I question myself and the things that I’ve done to myself or to someone else.
I have to say that questioning yourself and why you do what you do is a good form to understand and dircover the real purpose of your life, I say this because you will be putting in the ballance what is really important not only to you at that moment but what is important to the whole and bigger picture of your existence.
As were said “Life is not a photo that in one second you take, it is a landscape that takes a long period of time to paint.”
So now I invite you to have stranger thoughts about life.

Series A

Think About What You Can See

What crazy things you have inside your mind? How can you look to yourself if you is deeply inside of you? Why do you live?Who really are you?


The Universe Around Us

It is all about the universe that surrounds us. Think about this universe surrounding you. Places, moments, people, supernovas, galaxys and black holes. Sometimes we just need to stop, breathe and just see with your mind, see with your heart. Realize the real value of things, realize the beauty of creation.You are part of that.


Dark Ocean

And maybe that inoffensive thought can turn all that blue and clean into a impure and dark ocean. That’s why were said: take care about your thoughts because they will guide you while you are alive. Life will pass but that does not mean that you can’t live it with all your intensity.


Nothing to be Said



The Pourpose

This is the one million question. The meaning, the pourpose of what you do, that’s what makes you go beyond.



Series B

High on Humans

“We have already converted to obsessive-compulsive consumerism, to human moral marketing. The barriers between work, home, family, leisure have been broken, everything happens at the same time and so people forget their moral duty with their son, wife and parents. You can not devote time to them, and then you buy expensive gifts to make up for your absence. ” – Zygmunt Bauman | Sociologist and Philosopher

“Interpersonal relationships have changed a lot, hierarchy for example, the younger generation no longer have this hierarchical notion of parents and children because they are the children who help parents cope with computers.” – Analice Gigliotti | Psychiatrist

“Time is my most precious coin and my life is a savings account with constant debt.” – Adriana Dutra | Performing Arts


Face me, please!

“Solitude accompanied, shared solitude. Neither time nor space can separate us. A bunch of loners surrounded by information on all sides in search of instant happiness. “
– Adriana Dutra | Performing Arts

“Public spiritual striptease has already been internalized. You are at least seen on the computer screen and feel like a member of the world, not left out, not gone, you are in with the help of the internet.”
– Zygmunt Bauman | Sociologist and Philosopher

“Reality is Virtual and offline life has become much more deserted because the offer of socialization, coexistence, union, friendship was assumed by the online offer.”
– Zygmunt Bauman | Sociologist and Philosopher




“We subvert time in such a way that day and night are the same. It does not matter whether it’s clear or clear. To be within that radome, where being night or day makes no difference, prevents us from living in the natural biological rhythm and certainly this generates anxiety. ” – Stevens Rehen | Neuroscientist

“Transhumanism would be the ancient religious desire to transcend the spiritual world but now through science and technology.” – Erick Felinto | Specialist in Cyberculture



A F… Tale

“Time is time for counting destruction itself.” – Arnaldo Jabor | Journalist and Filmmaker

“The idea of ​​getting to a place disappeared. ‘We come to the future.’ No longer exists! We have to learn to live in an eternal mutant present. ” – Arnaldo Jabor | Journalist and Filmmaker



“If information does not find in us an adequate cultural level to receive it, process it and organize it, that same information becomes unhappy. If we do not know how to elaborate the information, everything gets confused and we get into a situation of disorientation, where everyone is disoriented. No longer knowing what is beautiful and what is ugly, what is direct and what is eradicated, what is man and what is woman, what is alive and what is dead. ” – Domenico De Masi | Sociologist and Writer

“Most of the information that is served is not like 9/11 but you still think you should know about it.” – Arthur Dapieve | Journalist

“Having access to an immeasurable amount of information can make a person feel fragmented and there is no coherent story that she can tell herself.” – Tom Chatfield | Technology Theorist



Series C

Coming soon.


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