I have always been a person that thinks a lot! In the middle of these thoughts there was always a question coming to me: why do I do what I do? That question gave life to “Stranger Thoughts About Life Series”, I mean, every thought that we have makes us move to somewhere and act somehow but a part of theses thoughts are a little bit weird and can takes us to limbs of pain.
Stranger Thoughts About Life is a visual representation about what comes to my mind everyday, about every limbo that sometimes I fall, about every moment that I question myself and the things that I’ve done to myself or to someone else.
I have to say that questioning yourself and why you do what you do is a good form to understand and dircover the real purpose of your life, I say this because you will be putting in the ballance what is really important not only to you at that moment but what is important to the whole and bigger picture of your existence.
As were said “Life is not a photo that in one second you take, it is a landscape that takes a long period of time to paint.”
So now I invite you to have stranger thoughts about life.

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